Ans: it has all the security features of a physical card and can be used to make both international and local online payments. It also serves as a fall back option for customers who have forgotten or lost their card, but need to perform urgent online purchases.

Ans: eCard9ja, eCard9jaPay and eMoni9ja are products of Elinet Solutions located in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.

Ans: Edo Innovation Hub, 59, I.C.E Road off Wire Road Benin City

Ans: Register quickly and easily via the Android app or referral link. Once your registration is completed you have automatically created eCard9ja dollar virtual card, you fund your wallet, your secure way to shop online, pay for services and do just about anything you would need your handheld ATM to do. All transactions are secured by your.

Ans: To anyone in Nigeria! The recipient needs an Android phone and have to register for a eCard9ja account to receive their funds. After registration, recipients can either cash out or hold the cash in their account.

Ans: yes you can, its free

Ans: local and international merchants like Amazon, Ali express, ASOS etc.

Ans: Via your BVN, eCard9ja is able to link to any banks in Nigeria.

Ans: eCard9ja supports payments from and transfers to MasterCard, Verve and Visa cards.

Ans: BVN stands for Bank Verification Number.

This is a unique number which was provided when you opened your bank account. It is used to identify the owner of the bank account and adds an extra layer of security.

Ans: To find out your BVN you can dial *565*0#. Please note that this will only work if you are making the request from the same mobile number that is currently linked to your bank account.

Ans: Yes, if you want to change any personal information, please contact Customer Care for help, we are glad to assist you.

Ans: eCard9ja uses BVN verification for bank account transfers and distinguish user tiers. All transactions are secured by your PIN

Ans: Yes, you can send or request money from your friends via WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or SMS. After receiving the request, your friend will need to download and register for eCard9ja to receive the money.

Ans: When using eCard9ja your financial information is always secured.

Our platform uses international security standards to protect your eCard9ja dollar virtual wallet. eCard9ja never shares your information with third parties unless it is for a defined business purpose, such as completing money transfers or reporting suspicious activities.

Ans: If you do not remember your PIN, log into the app, select “Forget PIN” and reset your PIN, you will automatically receive a link on your email for reset . If these are completed successfully you will be able to change your PIN.

At the moment you can't use our card in ATM and POS

But, you can use eCard9ja on places like ASOS, AMAZON, Ali Express etc

Sure, you can transfer your fund to Any Bank in Nigeria Through our App

Oh Yes, you can fund your eCard9ja card Through our App

The Answer is No, Your eCard9ja card Work independently from your Bank Account



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